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Are you looking to immigration to Canada? The importance of a strong application for permanent residence cannot be understated, so it is crucial that you hire a lawyer that can provide you with reliable and effective counsel and guide you through every step of the process. We can help with any of the following immigration programs:

1. Federal Skilled Worker Program

2. Federal Skilled Trades Program

3. Canadian Experience Class

4. Provincial Nominee Programs (PNPs)

5. Live-in Caregiver Program

6. Humanitarian & Compassionate Ground

7. Business Immigration

Family Sponsorship

Staying separated from your family members can be very emotional and stressful. We understand this and can help you making a strong application to sponsor a family member to come to Canada. A well-reasoned and thorough application can provide you with a better chance of success. We can help with the following family sponsorship options:

1. Spouse or Common-Law Partner

2. Dependent or Adopted Child

3. Parents and Grandparents

4. Orphaned Close Relative

5. Other eligible relatives

Temporary Resident Permit

Are you looking to apply for a temporary resident permit to study in Canada, work for a Canadian employer, or visit for a period of time, we can guide you through the process and submit a strong application on your behalf to ensure you the best chance for success. We can help with the following types of programs:

1. Work Permit
2. Study Permit
3. Visitor Visa
4. Business Visitor Visa
5. Super Visa (for Parents and Grandparents)

Permanent Resident Card Renewal

After you've obtaining your permanent residency in Canada, it is maintain it in good standing during your travels abroad and back into Canada. We can help you to ensure that you preserve your status at all times and fully understand the applicable legal requirements. We can assist you with all aspects of renewing your Permanent Resident Card in a legally compliant manner.

Canadian Citizenship

Permanent residents are both anxious and excited about becoming Canadian citizens. They have worked hard to preserve their permanent residence in good status. We can help you with submitting a complete and thorough citizenship application while explaining the process until the day you become a citizen.

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